Always looking to equip our entrepreneurs with the proven tools they need to create sustainable businesses, NBH offers Hub Online courses for small business owners to learn and grow at their own pace. From grasping P&L statements and minimum viable product, to understanding how to create a digital footprint for your brand, NBH small business courses are designed in collaboration with entrepreneurs. Taking into account the specific challenges faced by small businesses, NBH course offerings are based on the lean start-up methodology, positioning entrepreneurs with the tools they need to take inspired action.

Rutgers + Newark Business Hub

Professional Online Global Entrepreneurship Certificate Program


Business Planning

  • \Start up with a Lean plan
  • \Customer-centered Market Research
  • \Personify Your Ideal Customer
  • \Define your Competitive Advantage
  • \How to Price for Profitabillity
  • \The Science of Sales
  • \Social Entrepreneurship

    Business Operations

    • \How to Finance Your Dream
    • \Legal Solutions to Legal Questions

    Business Expansion

    • \ABC's of Equity Crowdfunding
    • \Digital Marketing Unleased
    • \The Power of Collaboration
    • \Conducting Business Internationally